The culture of practice workshops

Master practice skills, leadership and elevate your team’s culture.
Build a more efficient and adaptable practice, with a plan for the future.
Level up team skills to amplify practice capabilities, passion and wellbeing.

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Workshops ending with a better practice

You're struggling to manage workflow. The joy of practice is fading.
Bottlenecks and time constraints are a major burden. Burnout threatens.
You're stressed wearing too many hats. Friction is growing.
It’s costing you time and money.

What would it be like if you could have:
► A culture empowering your practice to improve and scale
► More time to do the work you love doing
► A happy adaptable team that works more efficiently and effectively

I got you

I offer
☑️ Workshops to build more resilient, joyful and adaptable practice.
☑️ A guaranteed way to free up time and gain a competitive edge.
☑️ Support fostering a practice culture underpinning future development so you can embrace possibility.

A Kit of Parts for
The Culture of Practice

workshops elevating your practice

A workshop series focussed on professional development by teaching better human and practice skills. With a wide collection of modules to choose from, allowing for tailoring to your specific needs. So that you’re better placed to thrive, embrace opportunities and enrich your practice.

Who it's for

With better human skills and leadership in your practice you’ll increase productivity, wellbeing and commitment to practice. You’ll release bottlenecks by cultivating staff initiative and greater ownership of practice challenges. Reducing indecision and increasing productivity, by instilling confidence and trust through good leadership.

Practices making space for team members to chooses to step up. These workshops are a space for staff to build their leadership skills. A space for existing leaders to further develop their skills, mentor, level up and support new leaders. Helping to reinstate or renew a shared ambition and vision of the practice. Doing so for the present and with an eye on the future.

Delivering change through team agency, skills and expertise. Helping identify what can be done better or differently, through an understanding of how everyone can be an agent for constructive change. Engaging in new ways of leading and working with each other. Developing ideas faster, and promoting a new vision, to benefit of the practice and its evolution.

Who it's not for

If you’re unwilling and fearful of change.

The best way to improve practice is learning by trying new things, making mistakes and iterating – just like the design process. If you’re unwilling to lean into the discomfort of this commitment, it might not be for you.

It’s an ongoing practise developing the ambition, vision and culture of practice. Change must be nurtured, giving time for the change you seek to evolve in alignment with the vision for the practice.

My Signature Kit of Parts

A kit-of-parts workshop series

Designed for maximum impact.

Each workshop program is assembled from a series of modules in three parts: Core learning resource, the Live workshop, and the Support community. Modules are structured around Human Skills, eg: decision making or giving and receiving feedback; Tools, eg: pre-mortems; or Strategies and Concepts, eg: distributed leadership.

Specific to each modules, this is a 20 minute commitment prior to the workshop. There’ll be reading, and a writing exercise, priming you to hit the ground running for the workshop. I’ll also include or link some additional resources should you wish to go deeper. Whatever is needed to get you ready.

This is it! The workshop. 40 minutes of work. And it will be work. No mucking about. We go and we go hard. No latecomers!

Receive ongoing support from Michael and the community as well as new resources, access to new workshops, beta products, webinars and other tasty things Michael might cook up.

I’m not going to deliver the workshop and leave you on your own. I here to support you get the most out of these workshops. Incorporating the learning into your practice and helping you adopt a new posture in practice.

Group coaching

To most effectively maximise the learning and impact of the workshop a follow up group coaching session with the team to help incorporate the work into daily practice.

Individual coaching

To support your staff individually, so they more effectively build on the concepts and insights of the workshops. Helping them to further develop their human skills and embody the practice culture.

Like any systematised kit of parts, there’s many options. We’ll work together to determine the parts that would best suit your requirements. You can also add and build upon the initial assembly, with additional workshops or coaching, as needs be.

I have a questionnaire to help you to start to identify weak spots, aims and needs. You can use this to inform the assembly of your workshop package and it gives me an initial understanding of you and your practice. From that we’ll have a conversation to identify what options are best suited to your needs.

Sound good?

Fill out the questionnaire and we’ll proceed from there.

Why these are better workshops

Less time commitment

This isn’t an all day deal where you’ll forget what you learnt as soon as you sit back at your desk.

I know you’re busy and you have little time in your day for an hour or two for a workshop, let alone a half a day or heaven forbid a full day away from the office.

These have just 20 minutes of preparatory work followed by a 40 minute live workshop.

They’re designed to be built one upon another. Making an impact over time.

The design and impact

This kit of parts workshop series has been conceived to specifically address the practice challenges I identified when in practice and in the countless conversations with architects in my current work.

The workshops have been structured to help you overcome difficulties you face around leadership and practice. Each module designed to take one element of your practice to the next level.

Anyone that’s gone to a half or an all day workshop knows that it’s a fire-hose of information. Hard to take it all in let alone start to incorporate into practice. The moment you hit your office chair all is forgotten in the pressure of the day to day of practice. That’s not what this workshop design entails.

Instead it’s been carefully designed so that all the learning can be assimilated and incorporated into your practice. I’m here to support you in achieving success: answering questions and offering further insights and resources in an online support community. With group or individual coaching as an add-on, to help maximise impact.

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I’ll take you through it in detail.

Hi! I'm Michael. I've got you!

I’m an architect and coach – but not in that order.

After almost 30 years in practice, I stepped away to focus on how improving culture can advance the profession. Understanding architectural practice from the inside out, I now help architects at all levels with human skills and becoming better leaders so they can be more productive, more innovative, and less stressed.

I believe better culture is the key to better practice. You can measure KPI’s, profit and loss, and social engagement, but you can’t measure human skills. However, practices with good culture work more efficiently and effectively, have more engaged and happier staff, and are more agile and adaptable.

I founded Unmeasured in 2019 to run workshops and coach architects on leadership. You can find out more about me here.

Fun Fact: My NSW architect’s registration is #10,007 and I’ve a license to skill.

Generous support from past workshops

The workshop is not about problem-solving issues in your business, it's about adapting the way you think about problem-solving. You will learn that the best solution is more to do with the process, rather than the answer
I thought it would have been an awkward team building exercise, trying to get everyone's feelings out in the open. It definitely was not that, a good thought provoking experience about a number of topics, in which you share as much as you were comfortable with.
I really try to avoid self-improvement sessions and workshops… Michael’s workshop couldn’t have been more different. There was a sense of humour and empathy… without being saccharine.

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