The practice of leadership workshops

Master a more creative model of leadership.
Build a more adaptable and efficient practice.
Unleash the collective energy, passion, and capabilities of your people

Do you want the cheat codes to better practice?

You're not winning the projects you hoped for, the ones that bring you joy
Bottlenecks and other time constraints are putting the brakes on.
You're stressed. Stressed and distracted. The team is out of sync. Friction is growing.

I get it
I been there

What would it be like if you could have
► A practice team that works together for greater purpose
► Engaged and happy staff who are eager to share the load
► More time to do the work you love doing
► An adaptable team that works more efficiently and effectively
► A culture that empowers your practice to improve and scale
► Support with growing your staff to grow your practice

I got you

I offer
☑️ A guaranteed way to free up more time and invite more opportunities.
☑️ Support in fostering a practice culture underpinning future growth so you can embrace any possibility.
☑️ A leadership model to build an adaptable practice, with inclusive agency, and creating space for innovation and experimentation.

Practice Leadership Packages

workshops for a better practice

Supporting your architectural practice to develop better leadership teams. Working with you on a leadership model that’s more distributed and agile and elevates your culture. So that you’re better placed to evolve, embrace opportunities and let go of limiting beliefs.

Who it's for

By making space for everyone who chooses to step up and lead, you’ll more readily identify leadership ability. Staff picking themselves, choosing to build their leadership skills. With existing leaders encouraged to mentor, train and support new leaders. Continuing and reinforcing the shared ambition and vision of the practice.

With better leadership in your practice you’ll typically increase productivity and commitment. With fewer bottlenecks. Cultivating staff initiative and ownership of problems. Instilling confidence and trust, through good leadership, reduces indecision and increases productivity.

Delivering change through team agency, skills and expertise. Identifying what can be done better with an understanding of how positive change is in everyone’s ownership. Engaging in new ways of leading and working with each other, spreading ideas faster, and developing a shared vision. Benefitting the practice and its evolution.

Who it's not for

If you’re unwilling to give up of some of your power in supporting the leadership and agency of your team.

The best way to learn and get better is through trying new things, make mistakes and iterate – just like the design process. If you’re unwilling to lean into the discomfort of this commitment, it might not be for you. 

It takes time for practices to adopt new leadership structures and strategies. Leaders must be allowed to emerge naturally from within your practice, and as your team develops their skills and agency.

My Six Workshop Signature Package

The first three 90 min workshops are held fortnightly and are designed as an introduction to leadership:

  • How we might define a leader and the value they bring.
  • The various leadership styles and their pros and cons.
  • To be able to identify the core (or elemental) leadership skills and understand their value.
  • Leadership structures. How is this system working? What are the invisible bits?
  • How does stuff get done in your practice?
  • Constraints vs boundaries
  • How to change your practice. And make it stick. Iteration. Feedbacks loops. Sense-making.
  • Active collaboration on change making. Learning to experiment.
  • The pre-mortem.

The final three 90 min workshops are held monthly and are paired with group coaching sessions following each workshop. Focussing on further developing the understanding and skills of leadership. Whilst also developing and the best leadership model and framework for the practice to adopt.

  • The leadership skills the best leaders have.
  • Cognitive empathy. The leadership keystone.
  • Thinking differently about communication. On listening, feedback and support.
  • Leadership formations: the pros and cons.
  • How more distributed leadership works.
  • Where you might level up.
  • Building frameworks and boundaries.
  • Developing the useful practice systems and work ways.
  • Reintroducing the pre-mortem. Developing an iterative and experimental mindset.

The three group coaching sessions (maximum 5 participants per session) are 2 weeks after each of the second series of three workshops and based upon the work in the prior workshop. These allow for more focussed work on developing the skills discussed in the previous workshops.

Do you have questions?
Check out my FAQ below or book a free 45 minute Leadership Clarity Call.

Hi! I'm Michael. I've got you!

I’m an architect and coach – but not in that order.

After almost 30 years in practice, I stepped away to focus on how better leadership can advance the profession. Understanding architectural practice from the inside out, I now help architects at all levels become better leaders so they can be more productive, more innovative, and less stressed.

I believe better leadership is the key to better practice. You can measure KPI’s, profit and loss, and social engagement, but you can’t measure leadership. However, practices with good leadership work more efficiently and effectively, have more engaged and happier staff, and are more agile and adaptable.

I founded Unmeasured in 2019 to run workshops and coach architects on leadership. You can find out more about me here.

Fun Fact: My NSW architect’s registration is #10,007 and I’ve a license to skill.

Generous support from past workshops

The workshop is not about problem-solving issues in your business, it's about adapting the way you think about problem-solving. You will learn that the best solution is more to do with the process, rather than the answer
I thought it would have been an awkward team building exercise, trying to get everyone's feelings out in the open. It definitely was not that, a good thought provoking experience about a number of topics, in which you share as much as you were comfortable with.
I really try to avoid self-improvement sessions and workshops… Michael’s workshop couldn’t have been more different. There was a sense of humour and empathy… without being saccharine.


I know architectural practice from the inside out after almost 30 years working in practice, including my own practice. I also teach Professional Practice at the UNSW. I’ve coached in Seth Godin’s altMBA since 2017 and worked successfully with numerous architects as you’ll read in the testimonials above. You’ll find few leadership coaches that understand the architecture profession so intimately and holistically across all aspects of practice.

Anyone is free to join in these workshops. They are, however, targeted at the specific needs and challenges of architects and landscape architects.

No. I offer an introductory version of the Signature Package as well as being able to customise workshops to your practice’s particular needs. Book a free 45 minute Leadership Clarity Call and we can discuss how I can best support you.

In the multi-session workshops there’s an expectation that you will start to apply the learning from the session and incorporate it into your practice. This is the work you’ll need to do to practise.

Yes (in Australia). The number of CPD points varies with the length of the workshops. The number of CPD points available are identified in the workshop descriptions.

Other services


One-on-one sessions tailored to your strengths, challenges and preferences. Meeting you where you’re at.


For practices and collaborators developing the leadership skills and strategies you need in your team.