Reconnect with your practice

Elevate the way you practice.
Discover ways of practicing that better realise your vision for your work and your idea of success.

If you're ready to learn new skills & make change,
you have three options:

& Talks

Giving focus to the human skills of architectural practice. Setting you up with the right tools to elevate your practice.


One-on-one sessions tailored to your strengths, challenges and preferences. Determined according to your needs.


Coaching in small groups to revitalise the way you practice, building frameworks and skills. Sessions by theme.

Not sure which is right for you?


In brief, it describes the parts of architectural practice I value: the joy it brings us, the skills and the people we work with and for. These are not KPIs but instead are unmeasurable. This is the work that interests me.
The name was inspired by a quote from Enrique Peñalosa and you can read more about this on my About page.

I work from first principles, where we look at the strategic vision and goals you have. Helping you develop your skills to realise your vision. Doing so in a way that incorporates a holistic vision and approach. Because when we design a building we don’t design the structure, the landscape, the hydraulics, etc, in isolation, the design of a building is done holistically and your practice should be considered and designed in the same way. One way we do this is by further developing your human skills: leadership, decision making, goal setting, listening, etc.

I am always very happy to give talks and presentations. Please send me an email with an outline: when, length, outcome or context of the talk and anything else that might be helpful in starting our discussion. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yes. I can customise my services to your needs.

I my start with a brief audit and appraisal of your practice to assist me understand your practice holistically. It helps me to identify the problem areas as well as your ambitions for your practice. Together we’ll develop a strategic plan for your practice and identify the areas to work on in your practice. From there, we’ll plan the work to be done and design the process. I work with you and your staff to elevate your practice.

Here’s how I think about this question and what you can expect from me. As a coach I provide guidance, frameworks, and insights specific to your needs. Asking questions to lead you to the actions, skills, and practices specific to you and your goals. Supporting you to maximise your potential.
Mentoring is typically about sharing experiences and knowledge. Whilst often helpful, what is shared may not necessarily lead you to the outcome that is right for you, even if that those experiences were right for your mentor.