A Question of Practice

a question of practice

formally known as Talking Crap...

Sessions devoted to fostering conversations around constructive change and possibility in the practice and culture of architecture.

a question of practice is…

A free space exploring the opportunities in architectural practice.

There’s a special guest at every session, expert in a field unrelated to architecture. They’ll introduce alternative perspectives and ways of thinking. Calling out tropes, conventions and identify the ruts the profession might be following.

Starting from a place of doubt and curiosity. Each session will be different, shaped by the minds in the room. Unique propositions because of the specific composition of the space. We’ll pose a question of practice and begin to explore actions for change.

What’s the one problem, or aspect of practice, that you would like to change?
We’ll have 15 minutes to explore this. Honing in on the one thing for the session.

What are some possible fixes to that problem?
We’re keeping the ideas high level. Everything is on the table – bad ideas often beget good ideas. The game here is to be open to all solutions, adopting a “Yes, and…” approach. We’re not going to get into the weeds. 30 minutes to be clever and creative.

Each session written up. The summary available as an open source repository of wisdom

people are talking crap...

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Action Reaction

A Question of Practice, the revamped version of Talking Crap met for the first time this year with a discussion around clients and the origins of practice.

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A question of practice

In practice it’s easier to continue without questioning. Questions create friction. Yet friction is essential to gaining better traction.

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Talking crap…

Sitting at home during a pandemic felt disconnecting and immobilising. So I thought I’d try something for a change.

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