a question of practice

formally known as Talking Crap...

Sessions devoted to fostering conversations around constructive change

in the practice and culture of architecture.

a question of practice  is…

a free space where the conversation is shaped by the minds in the room,

talking (crap) about the problems and opportunities in architectural practice.

with a goal to foster constructive change in the practice and culture of architecture.

starting with a question as the seed for the conversation

Asking questions helps us organise our thinking and understanding of what we don’t know. A question well asked will stimulate examination, consideration and critical thinking. Good questions provoke more questions, distilling thinking, driving and informing change. Positive change is the objective in all this. Of course, questioning might also end up re-affirming a current position or state. Such confirmation isn’t possible, however, without starting the process of questioning.

people are talking crap...

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details of previous sessions

Action Reaction

A Question of Practice, the revamped version of Talking Crap met for the first time this year with a discussion around clients and the origins of practice.

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A question of practice

In practice it’s easier to continue without questioning. Questions create friction. Yet friction is essential to gaining better traction.

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Talking crap…

Sitting at home during a pandemic felt disconnecting and immobilising. So I thought I’d try something for a change.

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I've just launched a new workshop

Audit your practice

If you’re struggling with your architectural practice,

thinking about changes within your practice,

or wanting to take your practice to the next level.

This workshop is for you.