“We each get the chance to make the world better for our having been here. How we show up to do that is a choice.” – Neil Gaiman

Feeling the Aargh?

Frustrated and feeling you could be doing more? More for yourself, your business or your clients?

Feeling that you’re underutilising your skills?

Important conversations with a client, a consultant, or another staff member going awry? Maybe you don’t know how to have that conversation.

A nagging concern that you can’t do this… that you’re not good enough.

You want to change, or make change happen, but stalled by how or where to start.

You’re not alone. We all feel like that at one time or another. It’s hard. It takes skills to move forward, to get better. We can all get better. Skills can be learnt, we just need a little help, practice and support.

An alternative to Aargh

Turn that ‘can’t’ into a ‘can if’…
possibilities will open up, instead of closing down.

Connect and communicate better with people…
so that your work becomes easier and you build better relationships.

Lead and change the culture…
so you can find you leadership style and step into it. Establishing better leadership and culture within architectural practice, for the profession and the public.

Fit for...

Practices wanting to develop staff skills, build culture, do their work better, make changes and unsure how or where to start.

Individuals wanting to better utilise the skills you have, develop new skills, learn to lead or become a better leader, want to show up better for themselves and those around them.

Uncover Aha!

It is work. It is not a passive experience so you do need to be willing to show up and do the work.

Each workshop varies, but in most you can expect to be introduced to the ideas and concepts, such that you can continue to develop your understanding. We will work together and in small groups to practice what has been introduced, developing skills and tools that you can continue to build and work on during the workshop and following.

You will come away changed, but not fully formed. It takes practice.

To continue your practice you will have access to our Community of unmeasurables (coming soon) to learn from and support each other in this work.

I can also give one on one Coaching. To support you and so that we can work together on your the change you want to make.

Book in for a free introductory chat…

I Got You

I hear you…

I’ve been in the same pickle in architectural practice (too often). We teach what we need to hear and know ourselves.

I’ve spent the last few years learning new skills and working out how they might be best applied to architectural practice. Now I’m sharing that knowledge with architects and continuing to develop better architectural practice, as well as taking the time to learn and coach others from outside of architecture.

As we say in practice…


individuals & groups
change, support, accountability
end the argh in argh-itecture


A better practice.
Holistically considered.
Exploring the possibilities.

stay in touch

I’m just out back building a few new exciting surprises. Please let me know what you’re interested in.