“We each get the chance to make the world better for our having been here. How we show up to do that is a choice.” – Neil Gaiman

a change of plan

I’m constantly working towards finding the best way I can support you and the architecture profession. I’m trying things out. Finding what works, what doesn’t and what could be better. For now, I’m putting my Workshops on the back burner on a very low simmer. I’m available to run commissioned workshops, and instead of proposing new workshops I’m focussing on something I think is more exciting and more effective…

group coaching

In group coaching we’ll focus in on one area of architectural practice, like a workshop. Instead we’ll do this over 4 or more group coaching sessions. Areas of practice we might focus in on will be around planning and/or redesigning your practice, managing staff & other relationships, finding more time in practice, rethinking your practice, building up your marketing, business development, and negotiating the fee space. I’m also open to suggestions so we can work on the specific areas of your practice you need help in.

the detail

Group coaching is incredibly effective at helping you to identify your real challenges, pinpoint the changes you need to make and then start to implement changes. This process is very effective and getting you a long way fast. It’s a collegial environment, where everyone benefits from the support and insights of the group. I’ll be supporting and coaching you all providing you with the insights, tools and frameworks from which you can start to implement learning and change.

I’ll be launching group coaching blocks, each with a specific focus that all members will be working on. Each group is limited to 4-5 people. Each block consists of 4 focussed coaching sessions of 80-90 minutes each held fortnightly. In between meetings we will connect on Slack for questions, feedback, support, resources and celebrating wins. The Slack space opens a week before our first meeting for introductions and preliminaries, and we’ll wrap up the space a fortnight after our last meeting.

Group Coaching

I’m currently developing Group Coaching Sessions. In these sessions we’ll focus in on one area of practice over 4 coaching sessions. Areas of practice we might focus in on will be around designing your practice, staff & other relationships, finding time, rethinking your practice. I’m also open to suggestions and will endeavour to accomodate.

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frequently asked questions

Can we form our own group?

Yes, absolutely. I’d be very happy to coach your group as long as it’s no more than 4-5 people. We can run it with a particular focus, if you’re feeling stuck or need some help to identify what to focus in on, we can definitely work on that. Please get in touch and let me know you’re interested. I offer a discount to self-organised groups.

I have specific challenges in my practice. Can you form a group based on my challenges?

Yes, I would love to help you with that. I try to offer focused groups on what I’ve identified architects need help with. It’s not possible to know all the challenges that everyone faces. It’s also highly likely you’re not alone with needing that help. Please get in touch and let me know about your challenges and we can develop a group for you.

I’m concerned about sharing my challenges with other people and for it to be more broadly known. Is this a confidential space?

Your concerns are entirely understandable and I can reassure you that I build safe spaces at Unmeasured. Everything discussed in our group is confidential. Our focus is on feedback not criticism. Any member of the group who fails to uphold the values of the group will be warned once and then expelled if they fail to meet our standards.

If your challenges are particularly sensitive we can work in a one on one coaching arrangement. All conversations with me are entirely confidential.

How often do you offer Group Coaching?
Most sessions will only be offered once a year. If there’s demand I may offer more. I recommend if you’re thinking about taking one when it’s offered, to not hesitate and book asap. Otherwise you may ned to wait another year.

I Got You

I hear you…

I’ve been in the same pickle in architectural practice (too often). We teach what we need to hear and know ourselves.

I’ve spent the last few years learning new skills and working out how they might be best applied to architectural practice. Now I’m sharing that knowledge with architects and continuing to develop better architectural practice, as well as taking the time to learn and coach others from outside of architecture.

As we say in practice…


individuals & groups
change, support, accountability
end the argh in argh-itecture


A better practice.
Holistically considered.
Exploring the possibilities.