“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”
– Maya Angelou

what got you here

The fact is many architects start their practice on the back of an offer of a project or the desire to jump straight in and work for themselves. There’s some planning but get busy and some of those things they really thought they’d do at the start have fallen by the wayside. Sometimes they’ve started with insufficient knowledge and blindspots about some areas of their business that really assist in building up their practice. Suddenly it’s a few years down the track and things aren’t going quite as well or as smoothly as they would like.

Here’s the thing… university prepares you to deliver architecture and design, with some knowledge of professional practice, but less so how to run a practice. Leaving university, you’ve little knowledge of business plans, strategic plans, marketing, business development, managing staff, and so on. You might also need to develop all the human skills that assist you in running a practice such as leadership, decision making, trust, having hard conversations, giving and receiving feedback, empathy and the like. Planning and running a practice takes a lot of business knowledge and a broad array of skills.

what you need

You might need to stand back and re-evaluate your practice. Consider how you might reposition or rethink your practice.

You might need to get your practice unstuck from where you’ve run aground as a result of error, insufficient business knowledge or simply because you were happily drifting along without a real plan or strategy.

You might need to develop or improve one or a number of the responsibilities of running a business or your knowledge and soft skills. (see above: what got you here’)

You might need or want to develop your staff. This might be to develop the office as a whole or to have one or a number of staff step up and assist more in the practice.

where I help

I start with a brief appraisal of your practice – it’s simply 3-4 pages of Q&A, nothing too complex. This assists me in understanding all aspects of your practice more holistically, as well as begin to identify problem areas and your ambitions for your practice. We’ll develop a strategic plan for your practice, identifying the areas of your practice that need work. From there we’ll start planning the work to be done and identify a process through which this work may be done. I’ll work with you and/or your staff to develop all the aspects of your practice that need work.

where you'll get to

You’ll have a clear about what you’re doing and how to do it. You and your staff will have developed new strategies, frameworks and skills, with the tools you need to keep moving forward. You’ll have a series of questions to ask yourself and a plan to ensure you stay on track. You’ll feel reinvigorated and once again excited by architecture practice.

let's chat

frequently asked questions

I’m a bit stuck. I’m not exactly sure what’s wrong or what I might need to do. I just have a feeling I need to do something. Can you help?

This is where I excel. My appraisal process helps to uncover the areas that need work. We’ll work together evaluating what you need and how we’ll go about getting you unstuck.

Will you write up a report and issue instructions for me to follow?

I adopt a coaching methodology in my consulting rather than taking a command and control approach. I’ll support you in understanding what you need to do and how to do it using a process of co-design. I support you in developing all the collateral, strategies and skills that you need. This allows you to clearly identify and define the work you need to do, in a way that is specific, actionable and meaningful to you.

I need detailed specialist marketing/financial/copywriting/… advice, can you help?

I’m a coach and architect, I have a very good understanding and knowledge of many fields such as marketing and business development, but I’m not a specialist. I can work with you to develop one or many aspects of your practice and take a holistic view of your practice in considering the work we need to do. Where more detailed specialist advice is required I can suggest consultants to do this work and where necessary work with them to develop your practice.

I Got You

I hear you…

I’ve been in the same pickle in architectural practice (too often). We teach what we need to hear and know ourselves.

I’ve spent the last few years learning new skills and working out how they might be best applied to architectural practice. Now I’m sharing that knowledge with architects and continuing to develop better architectural practice, as well as taking the time to learn and coach others from outside of architecture.

As we say in practice…

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