“Remember, we all stumble, every one of us. That’s why it’s a comfort to go hand in hand.”
– Emily Kimbrough


Stuck on your own?

Feeling a bit lost or stuck on your architectural journey?

Not sure what to do, where to get help or support to get out of the rut?

Don’t know where to find information or resources to make change happen for yourself?

Workshops or coaching seems a bit intimidating right now?

Travel further together

Culture is defined by its leaders.
unmeasured’s work is in service of better leadership and better culture.

A Community of people doing the same work…
because we learn best with and from each other. With the support and accountability that comes with this. Working in a community setting, connecting with other architects and sharing our work.

Like any community there are public spaces and importantly there are private spaces.

Fit for...

Someone that wants to dip their toe into the water, develop new skills and find resources for doing their work better. In a generous and supportive community of like-minded people.

…also awesome for those that are more than ready and keen to go dive into deeper waters, we got you too.

the unmeasurables

unmeasured’s community provides an ongoing opportunity to continue to engage, to show up to do the work and build up your skills, unlike the majority of other business and coaching services.

Our community of unmeasurables is where we learn, share and support. The community is free to anyone and also includes paid content and services. All unmeasured clients (individuals or practices) are given access to subscription services for a minimum of 3 months.

Connect, learn and share with other architects in a safe space in support of the unmeasured community. We’re planning weekly and monthly community events, which may include meet-ups, mastermind groups, lessons, articles, book club and whatever other interests and ideas we come up with. Each month we’ll focus on a theme, which may be a skill or something else we’re all keen to work on.


Work with Michael.
Work with others.
Make change happen.


Embrace possibility.
Be your best self.
You got this.


A better practice.
Holistically considered.
Exploring the possibilities.