Check-In with Your Practice

10am AEST Thursday 17 June 2021

Over the last year you have generously checked in on friends and colleagues. It’s time to check in with your architectural practice.

This is for people with their own Architectural Practice as well as those employed practicing architecture.

We’ll be digging into what’s going well and what’s not. Where things are stuck and what could be better. We’ll then move on to how you might reframe your practice in a way that can rapidly propel you forward.

This is a not a webinar, it’s a workshop with cohort based learning. It allows everyone to get specific about their own problems in order to deliver personal not generic solutions.

$95.00 + GST

check-in on your practice
New Workshop

Over the last year you generously checked in on family, friends & colleagues.It’s time you checked in on your architectural practice.

This is a workshop to identify what’s not going well for your practice, what could be better, where you want to go and then identify and develop solutions to your specific needs.

Discounted until 2nd June  – limited places.