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It can be hard to change the inertia of architectural practice alone. You don't need to do this work on your own.

Individual coaching looks like:


Build an honest overview of your practice of architecture. Identifying key areas for focussed improvement.


Fill your toolkit with frameworks, strategies, habits, skills and actions to change your practice.


Regular check-ins and meetings hold you accountable to your goals and help build momentum.


Have you ever gone to a workshop, tried to put what you’ve learnt into action, and failed dismally? Most likely the processes weren’t tailored to you. With a coach you are on the hook and held accountable to doing the work that is specific to your needs. This ensure that you are better able to put into action what we work on together in our sessions.

Coaching is tailored for the individual. The frameworks, strategies, tools, and skills that we work on will be specific to your needs. It’s not generalised advice. We’ll work together to ensure that everything we do is targeted, relevant, and useful to you.

It’s a bit like being an owner builder – many people can do it but few will do it well. It takes special expertise. Those that are driving change in their practice will almost always have help to do so. The help may not necessarily be a coach, it might be a business consultant, their accountant, a mentor, a board of advisors, or someone else. I strongly encourage everyone to ask for support for any work they do to build their practice. You don’t need to do it on your own. There are brilliant people out there.
​​The biggest difference between my coaching and other experts is that they’ll give you specific instruction and may not consider your practice as a whole. I’ll support you in finding the way to make change happen that’s tailored and right for you.

I work from first principles, where we look at the strategic vision and goals you have. Helping you develop your skills to realise your vision. Doing so in a way that incorporates a holistic vision and approach. Because when we design a building we don’t design the structure, the landscape, the hydraulics, etc, in isolation, the design of a building is done holistically and your practice should be considered and designed in the same way. One way we do this is by further developing your human skills: leadership, decision making, goal setting, listening, etc.

Firstly, it’s important that you have a good fit and relationship with your coach. It’s like having a good relationship between client and architect. I therefore recommend you talk to a number of coaches before settling on one. Obviously I hope it’s me, but I’ll be happy for you if you find someone that’s a better fit and I’ll be cheering you on either way.

I know architectural practice from the inside out after almost 30 years working in practice, including my own practice. I’ve taught Professional Practice at the UNSW. I coached in Seth Godin’s altMBA for 3 years and worked successfully with numerous architects as you’ll read in the testimonials. You’ll find few leadership coaches that understand the architecture profession so intimately and holistically across all aspects of practice.

My expertise is in the architectural field. I work with architects and landscape architects. In exceptional circumstances, I have worked with others where there’s been a good fit. 

I require an upfront payment and once that is paid I will send you a link to book our first session. I require a minimum of 48 hours notice prior to our first meeting.

Each coaching session is recorded and you will receive an automated transcription of the session. (Note: the transcripts are confidential and may only be used elsewhere with the express permission of the other party). We’ll also identify work required of you following our session, it might be in the form of research or actions to be undertaken before our next meeting. I am also available via email to clarify our meeting, provide further advice, or answer questions.

This is contingent upon you and your requirements. For meaningful progress to be made a minimum of four sessions (of one hour each) is usually required, but more often 6 – 8 sessions will be required. We’ll discuss number of sessions recommended following our free introductory meeting. Some people choose to start with a block of 6 – 8 and then continue from there.

I find that fortnightly sessions typically work best. In some cases, it is helpful to initially meet weekly. We might stretch the time out to more than fortnightly when there is substantial work to be undertaken. Keeping the sessions to fortnightly allows momentum to be maintained with optimal progress.

Still have questions? Book a 30 minute window to chat through everything.

Group coaching

For colleagues, groups and people who like to learn in a cohort, group coaching might be the answer.

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