We’re all here for a positive and constructive experience, and we need your help to keep this community strong and useful.

We want to ensure that we’re creating a place that’s welcoming, inclusive and valuable for everyone. It’s important that you keep these principles in mind when you post.

Tips (Rules) to Keep in Mind When Posting.

Thought: If you have the thought… “Maybe someone will be offended by this.” They probably will.

Action: DON’T post, or at the very least rewrite it so that thought goes away.

Thought: If you are about to write a negative personal comment.

Action: DON’T post. Instead write it as a response to an issue rather than the person.

ThoughtIf you are offended by a Post or consider it inappropriate.

Action: DON’T respond. This may escalate the offending and make matters worse. Please DO report to Michael Lewarne

ThoughtTotally disagree with what they’ve just posted.

Action: Respond in a respectful, thoughtful and constructive manner. Everyone has different perspectives, knowledge and experience.

Action: Move on to another post. Always useful to keep in mind that it just may not be for you or for them. There’s always another position.

Focus on questions, support & knowledge sharing.

We want to foster an environment where healthy debate is encouraged, and everyone is celebrated for sharing their questions, stories and perspectives. Our goal is to foster a community with support, curiosity, learning, questioning and generosity. This can only happen when we are committed to building trust, collaboration and true knowledge sharing.

Be respectful.

Please be kind and constructive when you add a new post, ask a question, or comment on someone else’s contribution. Snark or spam will be deleted immediately.

In the event that you are concerned that someone is behaving in an inappropriate way within the forum, please do not take this complaint to the public forum. Instead, inform Michael Lewarne of your concern and he will take action as appropriate.

Flag It!

If you see a post in the feed that violates these guidelines, flag it! Michael Lewarne will step in to contact the member privately or remove the offending post. Please do not take it upon yourself to respond in public, if in doubt please let your Michael know your concerns.


If you have been disrespectful, violated our guidelines and we have needed to remove your post, you will receive one warning. If you offend in some manner a second time, you will not be warned but instead will be excluded immediately and without refund.

Provide context.

We love it when our members share links and resources. If you do, add some commentary or give us some context so that we can understand more about why you care about this particular topic or article.

Please don't promote.

Feel free to share your knowledge and experiences with the others here in this community, but please do not promote yourself or your business. Spamming, soliciting or self-promotion will not be tolerated.