Build your skills, reshape your thinking and elevate your practice.

Whether you're a sole practitioner, practice owner, manage a team, or just want to learn alongside your peers, group coaching is the best way to reconect with both practice and community.

Session blocks

4 to 6 scheduled sessions with discrete content in each session.

Small group

Working alongside 4 to 6 of your peers in a supportive environment.

Tailored to you

Designed to the group's requirements, strengths and weaknesses.


It’s a bit like being an owner builder – many people can do it but few will do it well. It takes special expertise. Those that are driving change in their practice will almost always have help to do so. The help may not necessarily be a coach, it might be a business consultant, their accountant, a mentor, a board of advisors, or someone else. I strongly encourage everyone to ask for support for any work they do to build their practice. You don’t need to do it on your own. There are brilliant people out there.

The biggest difference between my coaching and other experts is that they’ll give you specific instruction and may not consider your practice as a whole. I’ll support you in finding the way to make change happen that’s tailored and right for you.

Firstly, it’s important that you have a good fit and relationship with your coach. It’s like having a good relationship between client and architect. I therefore recommend you talk to a number of coaches before settling on one. Obviously I hope it’s me, but I’ll be happy for you if you find someone that’s a better fit and I’ll be cheering you on either way.

I’ve had almost 30 years working in practice, including in my own practice, as well as teaching in Professional Practice at the University of NSW. I’ve learnt practice from the inside out. I’ve coached in the altMBA since 2017 and many architects with wonderful outcomes. You’ll find very few coaches that understands the architecture profession so intimately and holistically across all aspects of practice.

My expertise is in the architectural field. I work with architects and landscape architects. In exceptional circumstances I have worked with others where there’s been a good fit. 

We will typically meet fortnightly for 2 hours. It is also expected that you will then go away and work on what we discussed in our session. This work is up to you. As a general guide I suggest allowing a half day of (non-continuous) work a week – it’s likely this is work you should be doing regularly on your practice.

Yes, absolutely. If you have a a group of 4 to 6 people who you want to work with, please get in touch and we’ll chat about what you need. I can offer a themed session based around your wants and needs. I can also work with you in a more un-themed way with each member receiving targeted and tailored coaching from me and the group.

Each coaching session is recorded by an automated transcription of which you will receive a copy. (Note: the transcripts are confidential and may only be used elsewhere with the express permission of the other parties). You will also have work to do in your practice, which might be in the form of research or actions to be undertaken before our next meeting. I am also available via email to clarify our meeting, provide further advice or answer questions.

Group Coaching blocks which are designed and themed around a specific topic, run for 4 to 6 sessions. The unthemed blocks can run from 4 sessions up to 8 weeks. All sessions are programmed, at a regular time for 2 hours, and fortnightly.

The sessions are fortnightly at the same time each fortnight.

Yes (in Australia). The number of CPD points varies with the number of sessions. The number of CPD points available are identified in the session descriptions.

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