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The central objective of the work we do together is to further develop your practice culture. The workshops and coaching are focussed on developing better human skills, such as: leadership, listening, communication, decision making, feedback, empathy, etc. We might also focus on empowering your team to embrace their agency, and developing your practice’s wellbeing, adaptability and collective energy. Saving you time, money and setting you and your team up for greater success.

Expect your team to thrive in a more engaged and inclusive environment. They’ll have better human skills, ownership their work and engagement. With more time for the important work and opportunities for growth and innovation in the practice.

We’ll work together on developing skills to address inefficiencies, time constraints, issues around teamwork, wellbeing, and adaptability. Providing tailored solutions and levelling up your practice culture.

Yes, by fostering innovation, adaptability, and inclusive agency. The workshops will equip practices with the tools, skills and insights to stay competitive, relevant, and successful into the future.

The workshops and coaching sessions play a key role in building an empowered, inclusive, and innovative culture within practices. Delivering increased engagement, contribution, and long-term success. Reducing staff turnover, increasing wellbeing and more time for the things your practice loves to do.

Unmeasured provides workshops, resources, and a tailored leadership model best suited to your practice. Empowering the leadership of your team and individuals through better human skills and a culture of continuous learning and development.

The thing is we’re not going to solve and address all the bits all at once. Cultural change is necessary gradual. Small steps are required. We don’t want to address everything all together, we want to address the parts that will deliver the greatest impact to achieve better practice.

I’m an architect (NSW Reg#10007), my expertise is in the architectural field. In exceptional circumstances, I’ve worked with others where there’s been a good fit. Let’s chat.


I know architectural practice from the inside out after almost 30 years working in practice, including my own practice. I’ve taught Professional Practice at the UNSW. I coached in Seth Godin’s altMBA for 3 years and have worked successfully with numerous architects. You’ll find few coaches that understand the architecture profession so intimately and holistically across all aspects of practice.

I work from first principles, where we look at the strategic vision and goals you have. Helping you develop your skills to realise your vision. Doing so in a way that incorporates a holistic vision and approach. Because when we design a building we don’t design the structure, the landscape, the hydraulics, in isolation. The design of a building is done holistically. You and your practice should be given the same design consideration. One way we can do this is by working on the skills not taught at university, such as leadership, decision making, goal setting, listening, etc.


The program provides guaranteed time savings, a customised leadership model, and inclusive workshops and support, focusing on empowerment and adaptability.

The program offers a custom leadership model, workshops, and support to foster future growth, innovation, and inclusive culture within architectural practices.

Yes, the program caters to architectural practices of all sizes, offering tailored leadership solutions to address specific challenges and foster growth and innovation.

It takes 2-3 weeks to go through the start-up phase. I need you to fill out a questionnaire HERE, we’ll do a free 45 minute Practice Consultation Call to take you through the kit of parts for the workshops in more detail. From there we’ll work together on designing an assembly of the parts that are going to have the greatest impact on your practice.

Yes (in Australia). The number of CPD points varies with the length of the workshops.


Each coaching session is recorded and you will receive an automated transcription of the session. (Note: the transcripts are entirely confidential). We’ll also identify the work required prior to your nest session, it might be in the form of research or actions to be undertaken before our next meeting. I am also available via email to clarify our meeting, provide further advice or answer questions.

I find that fortnightly sessions typically work best. In some cases, it is helpful to initially meet weekly. We might extend beyond a fortnight when there’s substantial work to be undertaken. Keeping the sessions to fortnightly allows momentum to be maintained.

This is contingent upon you and your requirements. For meaningful progress to be made a minimum of four sessions (of one hour each) is usually required, but more often 6 – 8 sessions will be required. We’ll discuss number of sessions recommended following our free introductory meeting. Some people choose to start with a block of 6 – 8 and then continue from there.

I require an upfront payment and once that is paid I will send you a link to book our first session. I require a minimum of 48 hours notice prior to our first meeting.

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