The power of Questions

Ask more questions

Without questions there can be no answers. Yet we’re often reluctant to ask questions because answering, or the answers, can be scary.

If architecture is the answer what was the question?

Curious about the title? I’m curious about the questions being posed by the architecture profession. I‘m uneasy about the profession’s inclination to answer questions that they alone are asking (or assume). Seduced by opportunity, they find answers in a new unsolicited building or idea. An emergency shelter, a better tiny home, a design for some […]

The Secret to Understanding

If you want to understand something or someone, start with curiosity. Curiosity is an infinite resource. In praise of curiosity Become curious. Start with questions. Ask good questions. There are no stupid questions. Questions lead to understanding. Be openminded, make no assumptions. A closed or presumptive mind is not curious. Curiosity challenges acceptance, it leads […]