Making space for yourself as human connection

During the pandemic making space for yourself is vital to wellbeing. It’s also an opportunity to to pause, step back, see the whole, and build human connection. Making space for all.

Directives for a Better Architecture Profession

How to do meaningful work. Work in service of the planet first.Build only what is needed. Demolish only when necessary. Adaptively re-use. Minimise the impact of the construction. Work in service of people and the public.Prioritise building trust over building buildings. Be accountable. This is the way to build value and support. Work in service […]

Sharing Makes Things Better

Over the last 6 months, as we’ve all adjusted to the change the pandemic has wrought, I’ve been delighted by what people have shared. Sharing vulnerably with sadness and joy. Sharing what’s working and what’s not. Sharing work, knowledge and ideas. Sharing how to do things better. …and it does make things better and makes […]