Helping architects overcome the friction and bottlenecks in their practice.

My story

I’m unceasingly seeking to expand the nature and boundaries of our lives & work, in a style that is creative, critical, constructive and contributes to the way we navigate the challenges of the world.

I graduated in Architecture at the University of Sydney long ago and, almost a decade later, in Industrial Design at the University of NSW. I’ve undertaken a variety of shorter courses including Seth Godin’s altMBA, where I coached for three years. I’ve taught in Architecture Faculties at UTS, UNSW and USyd, including in Professional Practice.

My first significant architectural adventure was at Hill Thalis Architecture + Urban Projects where I worked for 9 years. Following, I co-founded Redshift Architecture & Art where I remained for 14 years until taking this stroll out on the edge of architecture to coach others.

As a committee member of the Association of Consulting Architects (NSW/ACT), I facilitate the Architects Mental Wellbeing Forum and support the architectural profession from the inside out.

Over the years, I’ve also studied small business, learnt to make jewellery, built architectural models professionally, worked as an assistant manager of a fine wine shop, and joined an artists’ studio where I started making art (Fun fact: I’ve had my work exhibited in Sculpture by the Sea on 4 occasions. Always site specific work. Context is all).

These diversions allow me to see the world from outside the professional bubble, from a different perspective, revealing new insights, and helping me build new and different skills. It was invaluable and to this day it effects and infects my work.

“The importance of pedestrian public spaces cannot be measured, but most other important things in life cannot be measured either: Friendship, beauty, love and loyalty are examples.”

– Enrique Peñalosa

Journalist, politician and two-time Mayor of Bogata

As Enrique Peñalosa observed, many of the things we value in life can’t be measured. Equally, many parts of architectural practice can’t be measured. The joy practice brings us or the skills we utilise.

Improving your leadership is
the best way to level up architectural practice

Leadership can be learnt and practised.
Unmeasured works with you on leadership skills.

Practice Leadership Packages

workshops for a better practice

A workshop series to assist practices working on developing their leadership team and strategies. Building the practice into one that’s more open, fluid, and adaptable. Realising the collective energy, passion, and capabilities of its people.

I offer free Leadership Clarity Consultations to start to tease out your leadership challenges. Identifying the friction you might face as well as your ambitions for your practice.

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