Lollipop leaders

Traffic control.
The best leaders don’t hold a lollipop. They’re not controllers. They don’t wield power. And they know there are more than two options.

Leaders don’t hold a lollipop with “Stop” and “Slow” on either side.

Lollipop leaders, those who consider it their job to direct and control people, are managers.

Management is about taking power from others.
Leadership is about giving power to others.

Effective leaders work in service of others to support them in doing their best work and being their best selves.

Leaders also create the conditions for others to lead. Making a space that encourages others to courageously lean into leadership. Leadership is never binary.

Leaders create a space for growth, cultivating a reconsideration of the familiar and providing support in the face of the unfamiliar.

Good leaders seldom hold a sign for others to follow.

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Hi! I’m Michael

I’m an architect and coach, helping the professional culture of the architecture profession. I believe the best way to do this is support leadership development.

I’ve worked in architecture for almost 30 years, and ran my own practice for 14 years. I understand architectural practice from the inside out. Fun Fact: my NSW architect’s registration is #10 007 and I have a license to skill.

I help practices work on their leadership team and strategies. Supporting practices to become more open, fluid, and adaptable. Realising the collective energy, passion, and capabilities of their people.

Interested in hearing I can help? Let’s chat about the leadership development of you or your team.
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