Redesigning the way we’ve always done it…

One of my key takeaways of the year.

This year has thrown up many challenges. Not least of which has been rethinking how we go about doing many things. Meetings, socialising, teaching, to name a few.

We’ve spent a substantial chunk of the year identifying new ways of doing our work, new ways of living our lives, meeting our friends, imparting knowledge and so on.

Previously we might have said we can’t do it this way.

Previously we might have said but this is the way we’ve always done it.

but we can if…

We consider what is the intrinsic nature of this task and by asking what it’s for and who it’s for and designing it to suit that brief.

What’s a meeting for, for example?

A meeting might be to inform a number of people about something – in that case maybe set up a central repository of information to be accessed by all, a wiki for instance. Thus saving time and scheduling dramas.

A meeting might be to make a decision. In that case a zoom call may be appropriate. Don’t invite people that aren’t involved and focus on what needs to be discussed in making the decision, rather than peripheral chat, and save everyone from Zoom fatigue.

The point is not about how a meeting might be done, but considering how you might avoid the reflex move to have a meeting because it’s the way you’ve always done it.

Now that this year has reframed how you see, giving you insight into the possibility that another way is always possible… Review all that work or tasks you do and ask the question:

Is this the best way or just the way we’ve always done it?

and then redesign it.

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