Your work is more than a job

job is the bare minimum we do only because we’re paid to do it.

Our work is the meaningful acts we consider our responsibility or privilege to perform in service. Often, but not always, in exchange for remuneration.

People obsess about work-life balance. What they’re seeking is to ensure that their ‘job’ doesn’t take over their life.

What if we were to reconsider this whole thing around work-life balance?

What if we were to instead consider that the meaningful part of our life is our work (see definition above)? Placing work and life now on the same side of the balance. Rendering the concept of balance meaningless.

If we are not to be overwhelmed by a job it is our responsibility to understand what our work is and do that.

For your consideration…

More work, less job, all life.

Hi! I’m Michael

I’m an architect and coach. I help architects rethink their practice and support them as they uncover better ways to work. I’ve worked in architecture for over 25 years, and I ran my own practice for 14 years. I understand architectural practice from the inside out. Fun Fact: my NSW architect’s registration is #10 007 and I have a license to skill.

I believe improving practice takes asking hard questions and deep listening.

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