Advocacy v Stewardship

Words are important, they can empower and they can let us off the hook.

Advocacy asks that we speak up. While worthwhile, there’s little action in it. Speak out and then we’re off the hook.

Stewardship expects us to act and that we’re responsible for helping deliver the change we want. We’re on the hook.

There are many platforms that allow us to speak up. There are few that ensure we’ll act. For action, to steward the changes we want to see, we’ll need to be proactive. We need to act.

We’ve got to a point where we’ve too many people thinking like advocates and too few acting like stewards. If we want to make change happen, we need to act like stewards and less like advocates.

In order to make a difference in the world, let’s change the way we describe what we do and then how we act.

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