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Starting with the end in mind…

Imagine fulfilling your unmeasurable possibility…
becoming a leader more trusted making better choices giving & receiving helpful feedback constructively curious accomplished collaboration overcoming fears & the imposter leveraging the skills you have

Let’s get Curious Together

In architectural practice we generally focus on answers. At unmeasured I’m more interested in the questions. Here are some questions I’m committing to being curious about:

Architects are highly skilled, in what ways might they better leverage those skills for their own benefit as well as for doing more than delivering a building?

Why do we always do it this way? How might we do it better?

How might architects learn to lead better for the benefit of the culture of architecture, our community and public?

Architects are very quick to deliver answers to their own questions, answering what they want to see in the world. How might architects listen better to the questions and answers of others, rather than our own?

What’s the untapped resource for public good that exists within the architecture community?

You have the ability to do better work as well as make positive change in yourself and in your part of the world.

...by better utilising the skills you already have, learning new ones and picking up a few new swanky tools.

Socrates (that dude that helped build western philosophy), said…

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new.”

unmeasured works with you to build better culture

Culture crushes strategy and uses it in the footings. Strategies are prone to fail without the culture to support them.

unmeasured works with you to build human skills

You need a shedload of skills to realise a building. It takes immeasurable skills to do the work we do in our business, with our people and in making change happen.

unmeasured works to better utilise your architecting skills

Architect’s underutilise and undervalue their skills. unmeasured works with architects to build on their skills and nurture those human skills essential for the work you do.

unmeasured works with you to embrace possibility

At unmeasured our thinking is wholistic, we take a little bit of leadership, empathy, trust, marketing, and so much more, and add them all together in such a way that you will see more and achieve so much more than you realised was possible.

Architects are good at inventing possibility for their clients, unmeasured teaches you to embrace that possibility for yourself.

Hi! I'm Michael...

I’m a coach and architect taking a stroll out on the edge of architecture. Settling here employing my architecting skills in new ways and for the benefit of architects, practice and the profession. I have worked in architecture for over 25 years, as an employee and for 14 years in my own practice. I understand architectural practice from the inside out.

I’m here to support you to make better work, be a better human and build a better architecture practice – interestingly these are all inter-connected. It takes questions, questioning the status quo, deep listening and by showing up with something better. That means shifting the way you think and lead. Better utilising the skills you already have as well as developing better human skills and tools to serve you in the work you do.

I work with you or your practice, either focusing in on particular skillsets or in a broader more holistic way across a range of skills or areas of your practice. Building better skills and a better culture.

Fun Fact: my NSW architect’s registration is #10 007 and I have a license to skill.

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I’m just out back building a few new exciting surprises. Please let me know what you’re interested in.

check-in on your practice
New Workshop

Over the last year you generously checked in on family, friends & colleagues.It’s time you checked in on your architectural practice.

This is a workshop to identify what’s not going well for your practice, what could be better, where you want to go and then identify and develop solutions to your specific needs.

Discounted until 2nd June  – limited places.