Michael Lewarne

Supporting architects in mastering leadership.
Unleash the collective energy, passion, and capabilities of your team.

Are bottlenecks and time constraints hurting your practice?

Work with me to elevate your practice by employing a creative model of leadership that helps you build an adaptable and efficient practice and embrace more opportunities.

Working on extraordinary and meaningful projects is the best, right?
But inefficiencies and bottlenecks are a killer and they’re holding back your practice team.
It’s got you feeling stretched, stressed and distracted. Too many things going on or awry. In fact, the whole team seems out of sync and the signs of friction are only growing.
Somehow there’s never enough time to stay on top of it all. You’re constantly chasing your tail and worried errors will start to slip through.

I get it.
Architectural practice is freaking hard.
I been there.

I offer
☑️ A guaranteed way to free up more time and invite more opportunities.
☑️ Support in fostering a practice culture underpinning future growth so you can embrace any possibility.
☑️ A leadership model to build an adaptable practice, with inclusive agency, and creating space for innovation and experimentation.

The practice of leadership
Workshops to elevate your practice

Workshops supporting better leadership and leadership strategies.
For practices looking to develop their team, and develop a practice that’s more open, fluid, and adaptable. Unleashing the collective energy, passion, and capabilities of their people.

Developing practice leadership is invaluable. Here's my top 3 reasons.
▶︎ Clears practice bottlenecks, making more space and time for the existing leadership team;
▶︎ Builds better staff ownership of what they do, helping their engagement and retention; and
▶︎ Creates a space for staff to support the growth and development of the practice.
Making more space for innovation and experimentation, as well as learning opportunities for all.

I want to leave you feeling excited…

with insights and skills to become a better leader and support others.

Hi! I’m Michael

I’m an architect and coach, helping the professional culture of the architecture profession. I believe the best way to do this is support leadership development.

I’ve worked in architecture for almost 30 years, and ran my own practice for 14 years. I understand architectural practice from the inside out. Fun Fact: my NSW architect’s registration is #10 007 and I have a license to skill.

I’m passionate about architecture, leadership and learning.

Michael Lewarne Portrait

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